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Facelift surgery helps patients achieve a more youthful appearance of the face and neck. If both the patient and Dr. Rowe decide that surgical intervention is required, Dr. Rowe brings many years of expertise to facelift surgery. He emphasizes the patients’ aesthetic qualities, while attaining a natural appearance. Facelift surgery will address a sagging cheek, an ill-defined jaw line and laxity in the neck. Dr. Rowe performs all varieties of facelift from mini-facelifts (incision in front of the ear) to standard facelifts (incision both in front of the ear and behind the ear). Dr. Rowe also performs a minimal incision (short scar) facelift on appropriate patients.

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Page Updated on May 31, 2022 by Dr. Norman Rowe (Plastic Surgeon) of Rowe Plastic Surgery

The incision is smaller that standard incisions. With this technique, the recovery is shorter and the swelling is lessened. Dr. Rowe and his staff are attentive to the unique needs of facelift patients and all of his patients receive and are appreciative of the personal care that they receive.

Dr. Rowe may opt to use biologic glue in order to reduce swelling. His surgery does not usually require the use of troublesome drains (fluid collection devices). Drains are a very outdated way to do facelifts; a newer technique is using glue in order to shorten the recovery time.

Dr. Rowe always listens to the patients and their desires in order to develop a surgical plan that accommodates both their desires and needs. Dr. Rowe will discuss what the patient should do prior to surgery and what to expect after the facelift procedure.

In some cases Dr. Rowe may need to address a patient’s laxity in the neck area. In order to do this he make a small incision under the chin in order to tighten loose neck muscles. Many patients can opt also for just a neck lift without a facelift. Dr. Rowe pioneered a novel technique the addresses laxity of the neck without making an incision about the ear.

A facelift may be combined with eyelid surgery as well as laser resurfacing procedures to get full facial rejuvenation. Dr. Rowe at the time of the consultation will discuss with the patient if he feels any additional procedures may combined with the facialplasty in order to maximize the results.

Dr. Rowe can perform surgery in his offices fully certified operating facility with board certified anesthesiologist monitoring his patients at all times. He also performs surgery at the world renowned Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospital.

What to expect after the surgery

There is usually bruising and swelling. Most patients will require 1 week of rest before returning to their normal routine. While every patient is unique, the effects of a facelift should last a patient between seven to ten years.

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THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEON! Dr. Rowe and his staff are amazing, accommodating, caring and comforting. I had consultations with many surgeons for a breast reduction prior and none of them made me feel as confident and secure about the operation as Dr. Rowe did. He educated me on my options and made sure I was going to get what I ultimately wanted. Post surgery, the staff was always available if I had any concerns no matter what time it was and follow up appointments were very hospitable. Recommend Dr.Rowe and his staff both for his work and their hospitality. He did an amazing job!

Andriana Nunez

I feel like a brand new person

Dr. Rowe is an amazing surgeon. From my consultation to my surgery to my recovery Dr. Rowe and his team has been absolutely wonderful. My surgery went extremely well I was expecting to come in pain but I came out feeling better than ever. Later on that day I got a call from one of the ladies checking to see how I was doing and I thought that was so sweet of them. The recovery process has been amazing, my breast look so perfect and I feel like a brand new person.

Kahla Browne

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