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Spider Vein Treatment

NYC plastic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, safely eliminates the appearance of spider veins and spider veins using sclerotherapy injections and spider vein laser treatment. Spider veins, most often in the legs, appear when veins dilate and fill with excess blood. Spider veins are typically tiny red or blue veins near the skin’s surface, while spider veins usually appear as much larger, sometimes bulging veins that are blue or purple in color. Spider vein removal and spider vein removal with laser treatments or sclerotherapy injections are highly effective in cosmetically addressing these concerns.

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Page Updated on May 30, 2022 by Dr. Norman Rowe (Plastic Surgeon) of Rowe Plastic Surgery

Your Spider Vein Treatment

Depending on the extent of your vein treatment needs and the severity of your spider veins or spider veins, Dr. Rowe will determine whether sclerotherapy or laser therapy is best for you. Treatments are easily performed in the office in less than an hour with little to no discomfort. You may be advised to reduce activity level for a day or two after treatment to promote healing.

For optimal results, Dr. Rowe may suggest repeat treatments or a series of injections to address all visible veins.

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If you’re ready to schedule your spider vein treatment or simply want to learn more about the procedure, our doctors can give you the answers and reassurance you need to make the decision that’s right for you. To schedule your private consultation, call 212-628-7300.

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Having my first surgery was very nerve wrecking, but Dr.Rowe and his staff made sure I was comfortable. They made sure to keep me informed about everything and ultimately seem to really care about your well-being. I never left with questions and knew that I was being treated by compassionate individuals. Highly recommended !!!! Thank you for your service and a successful tendon repair !!

tati B

Would recommend if you are looking to get a breast reduction

I’m almost 4 months post op on a breast reduction and couldn’t be happier with the results!! Decided to finally take the plunge after waiting for years and the team at Rowe was so assuring and helpful. Dr. Schneider performed my surgery and made me feel calm and relaxed. Would recommend if you are looking to get a breast reduction. Simone and Lisa are also so amazing!!!

Megan Beccari

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