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Gender Affirmation Surgery

Our goal for every patient at Rowe Plastic Surgery is to help your outside better match the person who you are inside. There is no better expression of this than gender affirmation surgery, also known as transgender surgery. Our practice specializes in helping patients transition with both female to male (FTM) and male to female (MTF) top surgery procedures.

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Patients may or may not be on hormones preoperatively – this is not a requirement. In many cases, these procedures can be covered by health insurance, thanks to increasing awareness of the diagnosis and treatment of gender dysphoria.


Female-To-Male (FTM)

FTM gender affirmation surgery involves removing a patient’s breasts and rearranging the chest tissue and nipples into a more masculine appearance. There are a variety of different techniques we use, depending on what a patient’s goals and appearance is before surgery. Some of these techniques include liposuction and free nipple grafting. These procedures are typically performed in either an outpatient setting or an overnight stay in the hospital, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences.

Male-To-Female (MTF)

MTF gender affirmation surgery assists the patient in creating a more feminine chest and breast shape. We use breast implants as well as fat grafting to help accomplish the patient’s vision. Fat grafting can help soften the contours of the implant and give a more natural appearance to the breast. These procedures are typically performed in an outpatient setting.

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If you’re ready to schedule your gender affirmation surgery or simply want to learn more about the procedure, our doctors can give you the answers and reassurance you need to make the decision that’s right for you. To schedule your private consultation, call 212-628-7300.

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My experience was amazing

My experience was amazing I had a breast reduction on July 16th 2019. From my consolation up to my post ops I was very comfortable. The doctor did am amazing job with my breast, I feel so much better and lighter. Lisa and Simone did a good job, they are pleasant people to talk to, the environment of the office in New York is amazing,makes you feel like you're welcomed. I love Elizabeth, she's very gentle and patient. She answers any concerns or questions you may have, so sweet. Dr. Rowe and Dr. Pierce were amazing. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you ..


Literally the best decision I ever made

Literally the best decision I ever made aside from being a mom. They helped me through my whole reduction process from my insurance to outside appointments even to offer transportation to and from my surgery. Not to mention I am very happy with the results. I did my appointments out of their red bank office with Dr Pierce

Marianna Williams

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