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Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is a non-surgical method of treating lax skin so that a tighter more youthful appearance results. Dr. Norman Rowe and his staff are pleased to offer this entirely safe and non-invasive way to shape up the face, chin, necks, abdomen, and just about any other part of the body you may wish to enhance. All skin types may benefit from Dr. Rowe’s expertise, and he employs only the latest, most advanced tools and techniques in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Page Updated on Jul 1, 2022 by Dr. Norman Rowe (Plastic Surgeon) of Rowe Plastic Surgery

Getting Skin Tightening Work Performed

Because our FDA-approved skin tightening procedures do not involve any surgery whatsoever, it’s quick and painless, with any discomfort minimized. Thanks to Dr. Rowe and his highly experienced staff, however, the results are shockingly dramatic! Infrared light will stimulate the collagen deep in your skin, causing it to contract. This causes wrinkles to fill in and soften for a firmer youthful appearance.

Recovering from Skin Tightening Treatment

There is typically no downtime whatsoever with skin tightening. Multiple sessions are necessary, however, often spaced between three and five weeks apart. You may resume normal activities, including the use of common cosmetics, right after each visit.

Skin Tightening Results

Once treatment is complete, you will look younger and healthier and feel that way, too. Even previously fine lines seem to disappear. Wrinkle reduction has never looked this good! After completing a full treatment program, which may last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your circumstances, the results may well rival those of a face lift, and can even seem more natural.

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If you’re ready to schedule your skin tightening or simply want to learn more about the procedure, our doctors can give you the answers and reassurance you need to make the decision that’s right for you. To schedule your private consultation, call 212-628-7300.

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I only wish I had done this sooner!

I am so happy with the results of my breast reduction! I only wish I had done this sooner! The Rowe Team handled everything with my insurance and it was a breeze. I love my new breasts! The surgery was easy and I went home the same day. Most of the doctor's appointments were handled virtually which made things much easier. If you have thought about breast reduction, contact Rowe. Dr Schneider was wonderful!

Susan Rose

I am 100% happy with my results

I had an amazing experience at Rowe plastic surgery, from first walking in and dealing with the amazing office manage Simone Web and the countless phone/video calls before and after with physical assistants Elizabeth Janson and Mallory Oxford I have never felt more comfort when getting a surgery. The best part of it all was my experience with Dr. Lisa Schneider who was able to give me exactly what I was looking for. She made me feel comfortable and secure before and after my surgery, she was amazing and I am 100% happy with my results

Samantha Meoli

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