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Breast Implant Dimensions and Sizes

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Page Updated on May 31, 2022 by Dr. Norman Rowe (Plastic Surgeon) of Rowe Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant Dimensions and Sizes

Perfect, evenly shaped breasts are possible with the help of a top plastic surgeon. Breast implants are the easiest way to change your cup size, enlarge small breasts or even out asymmetrical breasts. You can even combine implants with a breast lift to fix breasts that have sagged.

Breast augmentation is one of top five most popular cosmetic surgeries. The team of cosmetic breast surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery in New York City and New Jersey can offer experienced advice. Deciding on breast implant sizes, as well as breast implant dimensions, requires thoughtful consideration. Review before and after pictures of past patients to fully understand how implants can change how your breasts look.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Breast Implant Shape?

When it comes to breast implants, several factors may influence your decision. What shape do you prefer: round or teardrop? Do you want silicone-based implants or saline implants, which are filled with sterile salt water? You can also get gummy bear breast implants.

Choosing the perfect bust shape can make you feel more attractive, while boosting your self-confidence. Each breast implant shape comes with unique properties, such as:

  • These breast implants provide a fuller, softer appearance from the top. They can be filled with saline or silicone. These are the most popular type of breast implant.
  • This type of implant gives you a more natural result, as it tapers at the top and is thicker at the bottom. Teardrop implants are filled with silicone gel to maintain the shape.
  • Gummy bear. These implants are designed with solid-state silicone gel that provides aesthetically pleasing breasts that feel and look natural. Gummy bear implants conform to your natural breast curve, making the enhancement nearly invisible. They do cost more than the other breast implants, but may give you the best post-surgery results.

You can combine any implant procedure with a breast lift or a nipple correction surgery. After a successful breast augmentation, your surgeon makes sure your nipples are correctly placed to crown your breasts perfectly. But you can always opt for a nipple reduction or enlargement to match the new size of your breasts.

Why Do I Need to Think about Breast Implant Dimensions?

Women normally talk in cup size. You may want to increase from a B-cup to a D-cup. But breast implants don’t come in cup sizes or even bra sizes. To get the size you want, consider all the breast implant dimensions.

After your surgery, you likely want your larger breasts to look natural. Your new breasts must be nicely formed and properly rounded. Breast implant dimensions consist of:

  • This is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). For comparison, an extra 125 to 150 cc of volume increases one cup size.
  • The width of your breast when viewed from the front is based on the diameter. Given the same volume, breasts with a smaller width project more than one with a wider diameter.
  • Round breast implants are symmetrical, making your breasts stand out more. Teardrop implants have a lower volume that have softer outward peaks.
  • The profile concerns the side view of your breasts. Do you want a very high profile, where your breasts are dramatically accentuated with showy cleavage, or do you prefer a modest augmentation, with moderate cleavage exposure? Your answer dictates your profile choice.

How Do Breast Implant Sizes Work?

According to the expert breast surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery, different bra brands have different measurements. Even when one C-cup bra fits you perfectly, the same size bra may not fit you as well in a different brand.

To get the best breast implant size to match your goals, consider:

  • Medium-sized implants range from 300 to 550 cc.
  • The most common size ranges between 330 to 350 cc.
  • Getting bigger implants doesn’t make your areolas, the dark area around your nipple, grow.
  • Bigger implants don’t necessarily translate to a more attractive look, as they not only may seem out of place, but also cause problems later, like bottoming out.
  • Explain your specific goals to your plastic surgeon. If you want to increase just one cup size, be clear and trust a breast surgeon who listens to your desires before making a recommendation.

Can I Test Breast Implant Sizes?

If you want to see how breast implants will impact your bustline, you can ask your plastic surgeon for fake implants called sizers that you can try on. Wear them around the house with a proper-sized bra to see how your larger breasts may look. Other suggestions include:

  • Walk around the house with your fake implants to see how they feel
  • Look at your side and front view in the mirror to check how the sizers look on you
  • Ask for several sizers to test
  • Wear different clothes to check how your new breasts will look

While the fake implant test isn’t an accurate measurement of how your post-surgery breasts will actually look, you can get a rough idea. Trying different-sized fake implants may help you decide on a size increase as a specific goal.

What’s the Right Size for My Breast Implants?

The decision to get breast implants depends on your height, weight, build, size of your natural breasts and your desired bra size. The cosmetic surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery discuss your desired cup size during your consultation. When you help your plastic surgeon understand what you’re trying to accomplish, you stand a better chance ending up with the size you want.

Ways to determine what your ideal breast implant size include:

  • Measuring the space between your breasts and shoulders
  • Measuring your chest width and the width of each breast
  • Having enough underlying tissue to hold larger breasts
  • Realizing that it’s impractical to get large breasts if you have a small frame
  • Considering how larger breasts may affect your athletic lifestyle
  • Knowing that large breasts can cause back pain if you have a physically demanding job
  • Thinking about how much cleavage to show, as your clothes will fit differently after implants

Do Breast Implants Last a Lifetime?

Most implants last between 10 and 15 years before you need a breast revision to have the implants are either replaced or removed. Taking care of your implants prolongs their lifespan. Wear a supportive bra after the surgery and get regular checkups, including MRIs every three years if you have silicone implants.

After 10 years, there’s a one percent chance of rupture each following year. Ruptures cause your breast implants to lose their shape and size. Other notes include:

  • Saline implants. When these implants deflate, the saline solution is absorbed by your body without side effects.
  • Silicone implants. When these leak, the leaked gel may go unnoticed for a while because of the compact way silicone implants are created. In time, you may see changes in the shape of your breast.

Seek a top breast surgeon in New Jersey or New York City. Your breast implants are going to be with you for years to come. Find a board certified doctor who has skills and experience in breast surgeries. You must feel comfortable in the surgeon’s presence, so find an active listener who encourages questions and understands your surgical needs. Contact Rowe Plastic Surgery  to meet a top breast surgeon.

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