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7 Reasons Getting Breast Implants Is Absolutely Worth It

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Page Updated on May 31, 2022 by Dr. Norman Rowe (Plastic Surgeon) of Rowe Plastic Surgery

7 Reasons Getting Breast Implants Is Absolutely Worth It

You may be considering breast implants for any number of reasons, and they’re all valid. Referred to as breast augmentation, implants are an excellent way to:

  • Increase the size of your breasts
  • Change the profile of your bust
  • Fix your breasts so they’re more symmetrical
  • Make corrections after a previous breast surgery
  • Adjust your bosom after you lose weight
  • Look and feel younger
  • Feel better about your appearance

No matter what your reasons for wanting breast implants, the first step is to make an appointment with the best plastic surgeon in the New York City Metropolitan area to talk about your goals. The surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery in New Jersey, Manhattan, Long Island and the Hamptons are board certified cosmetic breast surgeons. The team has an exceptional reputation for providing women with renewed self-confidence through life-changing procedures.

What Kind of Implants Are Available?

As you consider implants, your plastic surgeon explains all the options available, and you have choices to make in terms of size  and shape. Your final decision is based on your NYC or NJ doctor’s recommendations and your goals. The various types of implants to explore include:

  • Saline implants. These are filled with sterilized salt water, so if they happen to leak, the solution is naturally absorbed by your body. These breast implants are fortified with an inner structure to make them feel more natural.
  • Silicone breast implants. The most natural-feeling and best-looking implants, these are filled with a malleable silicone-based gel. You’re protected from leaks with a shell built into the implant. If gel leaks from that, there’s a pocket created to catch it. Silicone implants require regular doctor visits just to ensure they remain in good shape.
  • Gummy bear implants. These are made of gel and provide a teardrop effect. They’re ideal if you want to add some volume without looking like you’ve had breast implants.
  • Smooth implants. These implants have a smooth shell. They feel the softest of all the options. They move naturally within the implant pocket. There are times, however, when they’re slightly visible under your skin when you move in certain ways.
  • Textured implants. These implants are made with a sticky substance to prevent them from moving around too much in your chest. They greatly reduce the risk of your new breasts moving out of position.
  • Implants with a breast lift. This procedure is ideal if your breasts sag or droop, and you want to make them fuller and firmer. The breast lift repositions your boobs to make them perkier, which isn’t part of a breast augmentation procedure by itself. This is often a great combination to achieve your goals.
  • Fat transfer augmentation. This procedure is more natural because it relies on fat tissue removed from another area of your body, such as your inner thighs or buttocks. Your surgeon then puts the purified fat into your bosom. Because this procedure can accommodate a limited increase in size, you can still add implants.

To make the best choice, consult with a top breast surgeon about how you want your new breasts to look and feel. Discuss any concerns you have about the substances used. The mark of an excellent plastic surgeons involves their listening skills and compassion to fulfill your desires. Only after a conversation and an exam does your doctor recommend a procedure.

What Makes Breast Implants Such a Good Investment?

The cost of breast augmentation varies greatly, depending on what kind you choose and how many procedures you get done at once. For example, a breast lift with implants costs more than just breast augmentation alone. The average cost in 2021 runs about $4,500, but remember that an investment in yourself rarely can be measured in dollars.

The top seven reasons why getting breast implants is a good investment that’s absolutely worth it include:

  1. Boosting your self-esteem. Research shows that women who receive breast augmentation experience measurable increases in self-confidence. This is particularly true if you’ve always felt that your breasts play a significant role in your self-image.
  2. Overcoming macromastia. Macromastia is a medical condition in which your breasts don’t fully form following puberty. Extremely small breasts often impact your perception of yourself, and this condition in particular causes embarrassment for many women.
  3. Evening out your breasts. If, for some reason, your breasts are different in size, implants fix this issue while giving you a larger bust. This condition sometimes results from macromastia or another medical condition. A prior surgery may also have left you with a lopsided figure.
  4. Being able to wear clothes you’ve always wanted. Your new profile takes years off your look and allows you to sport a wardrobe that’s in line with the image you have of yourself as an empowered woman. This newfound self-image can be especially gratifying following a divorce, job loss or other devastating life change.
  5. Reconstructing your breasts. This procedure may be necessary after a mastectomy or after you lose a considerable amount of weight. Breast reconstruction using implants helps you reclaim your femininity and recover from a life-changing event.
  6. Taking advantage of today’s advancements. The latest implant techniques and products have made in the safety and verifiable lack of complications with today’s implants more attractive than ever. This is especially true when you visit a renowned surgeon at Rowe Plastic Surgery, where they have such a high rate of success.
  7. Doing something for yourself. Today’s breast implants may last a lifetime. Most last at least 10 to 20 years. This isn’t a short-term solution; it’s a step to take that you’ll be able to enjoy for decades. And when you stay in touch with your plastic surgeon, you can easily replace your implants if they do begin to fail.

The cosmetic breast surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery teach you how to take care of your breast implants and protect your investment with simple steps, such as:

  • Following closely the care instructions you receive after the surgery
  • Reporting any unusual changes in your new breasts as soon as you notice
  • Wearing comfortable bras that are fitted properly
  • Sleeping on your back to prevent movement and sagging
  • Maintaining a proper posture when standing and sitting
  • Sticking with a healthy lifestyle that includes staying out of the sun, eating a healthy diet and drinking water every day

Your investment pays off when you rely on the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon who believes in the power of breast augmentation to help you achieve your dreams. Contact Rowe Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, Plainview or Water Mill, NY or in Red Bank or Montclair, NJ today for a consultation.

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