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Our team at Rowe Plastic Surgery is a group of experienced plastic surgeons, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. We specialize in plastic surgery of the face, breast and body, performing a full range reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. With virtual appointments as well as locations throughout New York and New Jersey, you will be able to meet with our doctors wherever is most convenient for you - even from the comfort of your own home!

Our surgeons trained at some of the top surgical institutions in the country, including The Institute for Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at New York University Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University. Some of our surgeons have additional training and expertise in microsurgery while others are double board certified in general surgery as well. Each surgeon will focus on you and your individual goals during your consultation - every patient's treatment is personalized.

We focus on the latest and most innovative techniques to reduce scarring and trauma from surgery, and they are widely regarded for their short-scar breast reductions. We also offer patients the newest anti-aging treatments including skin and body rejuvenation through both surgical and non-invasive methods.

About us
Plastic surgery of the face, breast and body
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Breast Procedures

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a common solution for problems caused by breast hypertrophy, the medical term for large, drooping breasts. This can affect women of all ages and can occur even among those in good physical shape.

While some women dream of larger breasts, others dread the discomfort caused by the weight of their large bosom. If your breasts are out-sized for your body or if they’re causing shoulder, back or neck pain, there is an answer: mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery. This safe medical procedure, when performed by the expert breast surgeons at Rowe Plastic Surgery in New York City, reduces your breasts to a more comfortable size that relieves your pain and discomfort. Every breast reduction includes a breast lift to maintain the appearance of your breasts. Call today for a consultation. Don’t spend another day in pain or anguish because of your large breasts.

Breast Reduction

Breast Lift

Women choose breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, to restore the youthful look and feel of breasts that have lost their firmness and elasticity over time. Pregnancy, weight loss, and the natural aging process all change a woman’s body and can result in sagging breasts or flat breasts. Often women who feel they have a flat chest can benefit significant from breast lift surgery. Dr. Rowe specializes in breast lifts, as well as breast augmentation to enlarge the breasts for added firmness and volume.

Dr. Rowe can restore the youthful look and feel of your breasts, adding or removing volume as desired. During your thorough consultation, he will help you plan the most appropriate breast surgery for your body type and goals. Breast size and shape, as well as the placement and appearance of the areola and nipple can all be addressed during breast lift surgery.

Breast Lift

Breast Reconstruction

Our goal at Rowe Plastic Surgery is to create a caring and supportive environment to allow you to be a partner in the decision-making process. We gladly guide patients who are at any step in their journey – whether you are someone who is newly diagnosed with cancer or had prior surgery many years ago, whether you are considering preventative surgery or need surgery to fix a more urgent problem.

Surviving breast cancer is often a traumatic experience, and just as often, you lose one or both of your breasts to mastectomy. While you can continue life without your breasts, you can choose to restore the appearance of your breasts to affirm your femininity.

Breast Reconstruction

Diep Flap Surgery

Patients can have a DIEP flap years after their initial cancer surgery, especially if they have undergone radiation and would prefer a softer, more natural looking breast. This is called a delayed reconstruction. Research shows that patients who undergo a delayed reconstruction often have very high satisfaction rates with their procedures.

A DIEP Flap, which stands for Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator flap, is a microsurgical technique performed by our highly skilled surgeons. We use the fat from your tummy (the same fat that would be thrown away in a tummy tuck) to make one or two new breasts.

Deip-Flap Surgery

Breast Augmentation

While breast implants is the most popular procedure performed worldwide, Dr. Rowe feels that breast augmentation is a very personal decision and one not to rush into. He sees many patients desiring breast augmentation, all who have various reasons when deciding to have this procedure. Dr. Rowe believes that every woman should feel comfortable with her body and that perhaps breast augmentation can give a woman the image she has always desired.

Droopy breasts can interfere with your self-esteem and your willingness to be intimate. Do you avoid looking in the mirror when you’re naked? It may be a sign that you think your breasts are unattractive.

Breast Augmentation

Nipple Reconstruction

Once a patient has completed reconstruction of the breast mound, we can do different procedures to create a new nipple. This can involve a small procedure to create the “button” of the nipple, potentially combined with tattooing to create a color that is as natural as possible. Some patients prefer a tattoo alone.

While much of the focus on breast procedures is on your breasts’ shape and size, your nipples and areolas also matter in the overall look and function of your breasts. Especially for a breast reconstruction after mastectomy, a new nipple creates a powerful new self-image that you’re not afraid to share with your partner. Visit the facility of Rowe Plastic Surgery on the Upper East Side of New York City and talk to a board certified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic breast procedures. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Nipple Reconstruction

Client Testimonials

Breast Reconstruction Maryanne’s Reconstruction Story

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Breast Reduction Simone’s Reduction Story

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Plastic Surgery Procedures

Our plastic surgeons are available to discuss both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, as well as in-office procedures.

Body Skin

Additional Services Offered

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Clients Testimonials


“Most comfortable experience ever. I was so nervous and unaware of what the experience of a breast reduction would be like. Thankfully, it was all worth it. And I also feel so much better about myself. Thank you Dr. Rowe, Simone, and the rest of the staff for making it such a great and safe environment for me. Great work with great people will always be a major plus!”

“Recently just got breast reduction surgery and Dr. Norman Rowe did an amazing job on me. Ask any questions or concerns I have Nikkita who is such a great help, always answers my emails within 30 minutes and will answer my calls even when she’s not in the office. There facilities are super clean and couldn’t have picked a better place.”

“Highly recommend calling ahead if you need stitches in NYC! They will meet you at the ER - makes it very quick and you know they will do much better work due to experience and lack of triage/time pressure. My son's cut is healing very nicely.”

“I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Norman Rowe and his entire staff. From my first consultation to the follow up after my breast reduction procedure, the experience was personal, seamless and exceptional. I could not be happier with my results and with the overall process. Thank you to Dr. Rowe and his amazing team!”

“I’m almost 4 months post op on a breast reduction and couldn’t be happier with the results!! Decided to finally take the plunge after waiting for years and the team at Rowe was so assuring and helpful. Dr. Schneider performed my surgery and made me feel calm and relaxed. Would recommend if you are looking to get a breast reduction. Simone and Lisa are also so amazing!!!”

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With innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology to selectively target fat tissue and therapeutically heat it – until it’s eliminated and passed through the body naturally. Patients achieve an average of 24% fat reduction in as little as one treatment.

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Ultherapy is all-the-buzz! It utilizes the energy of ultrasound. Ultherapy is the only FDA cleared procedure that is used to lift skin on very difficult areas.

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